v 1.1.3

Things to do

This library has been built and used for the last two years - altough only for the customer- and internal projects of wearekiss.com and of course the creation of InSite. Now since its opensource, there's a lot of things there should be done (or would be nice to have).

This list tries to keep them so nothing will be forgotten and can be a source of inspiration for potential contributors. Also, feel free to suggest stuff here!


  • Google Material theme

New elements

  • Flow Player Element
  • Charting Element (Diagrams)
  • Accordion Container
  • Resizeable Grid Container for App Layouts (drag to resize)

Element improvements

  • Make Lists manually sortable
  • Make Popups draggable
  • Events for grid element
  • Sorting for grid element

Core improvements

  • Introduce mobile-oriented elements and improve the mobile window manager.
    First mobile test (vocabulary trainer, only mobile) can be found here.
  • Improve skipping through elements with TAB key
  • On-demand events that are only attached after a call to .on()

Other stuff

  • Finish the kitchen sink application to show all available elements and their styles
  • Translate the documentation (spanish, german, ...), because DocEngine supports multi-language docs!
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